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Increase Your Knowledge has a mission to raise awareness about CPR and other First Aid practices. Many people have no idea how important the knowledge of CPR can be in an emergency situation. Just knowing basic CPR can save lives. We’re is here to help give you the power to make a difference. At Increase Your Knowledge, we offer a number of CPR and First-Aid courses. We know it takes time and practice to understand how to use these skills most effectively. We also know that, with the knowledge you will gain by enrolling in our classes, you will gain a sense of security and pride in knowing you have the tools that could help you save a life.


Increase Your Knowledge has been professionally trained to teach CPR and First Aid since 1996. Our goal is to help our students understand the importance of first aid and CPR to be able to respond during a crisis. By providing hands-on interaction in our classes, we have been able to empower many.

Increase Your Knowledge is a BLS Training Site of Ohio Health EMS (i.e. Ohio Health Medical Center Grant Lifelink),an authorized American Heart Association training Center. We are trained to perform pediatric and adult CPR. We have conducted CPR and First-Aid training for Grant LifeLink, ENPRO (Louisiana), EMR (Texas) and Cardiac Life Product (New York).

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Increase Your Knowledge opened in 2004 and is proud to be apart of this community.Contact Us

"Remember, when you learn, someone else lives!"

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Luckisha Townsend,

BLS Instructor, CEO of Increase Your Knowledge

In 2004, Luckisha Townsend founded and opened Increase Your Knowledge in Columbus, OH. She has received the Best of Columbus Award for First Aid and CPR instructor for medical and dental assisting schools for three years.

Luckisha is dedicated to providing quality courses at an affordable price to help her community increase their knowledge of First Aid and CPR procedures.

You have the ability to save a life, you just have to Increase Your Knowledge.



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