Heartsaver First Aid & CPR AED

How To Sign Up

You Must Call Ahead To Reserve Your Spot In Our Classes.


Classes Start On Time, So If You Do Not Call When Running Late At Least 15 Minutes Before Class, We Have The Right To Reschedule You, Or If You Do Not Cancel 24 Hours Before Class, There Will Be A $40 Addition Added To The Cost Of The Class. Make Sure To Wear Comfortable Clothes. You Will Receive Your Card Upon Completion Of Class.

  • Heartsaver Basic First Aid: $55
  • Heartsaver Basic First Aid AED CPR: $85
  • Heartsaver CPR AED: $55

The Classes Below Do Not Have A Set Schedule. Contact Us To Reserve A Spot.

  • Pediatric First Aid CPR AED: $85
  • Pediatric First Aid: $55

How To Prepare For First Aid & CPR Classes

  • AHA has transitioned to ecards. When you come to class, you will need to have access to your email account. This will allow you to claim the card before you leave class. Here is a video to let you see what you will be receiving:

  • Due To The Nature Of The Skills In Almost All First Aid/CPR/AED Courses, You Will Be Participating In Strenuous Activities, Such As Performing CPR On The Floor. If You Have A Medical Condition Or Disability We Recommend You Consult With Your Physician Prior To Enrollment. Accommodations Will Be Made If Needed, But Performing The Skill To Satisfaction Is Still Required.
  • You Will Receive An Email 1 Or 2 Days Before Class Reminding You Of Class. It Will Include Directions On How To Get To The Training Site. If You Do Not Receive An Email Within Two Days Of Class Pleases Call.
  • To Receive Certification, You Must Perform The Skills To The Satisfaction Of The Instructor AND Pass The Written Test (Healthcare Provider Class Only) With An 84% Or Better.
  • All Open Classes Will Be Cancelled If No One Has Scheduled At Least One Day Or More Prior So Please Remember To Look At The Calendar Or Call To See If That Date Is Still Available.
  • Classes Start On Time. Late Arrivals Without Notification Prior May Not Be Admitted To Class Or Be Subject To A $40 Late Fee Include With The Cost Of Class.
  • Childcare Services Are Not Available.
  • Books Are Available For Use In Only Class. If You Want To Purchase Your Own Manual, Go To This Link:
  • For The Healthcare Provider Participates, Because There Is A Written Test, I Send Out Material That You Can Go Over Before Class.
  • Wear Comfortable Clothing
  • These Courses Take Place In A Home, Not An Office Building.
  • You Will Be Practicing Skills That Require Working On Your Hands And Knees, Bending, Standing, And Lifting. If You Have Physical Conditions That Might Prevent You From Participating In The Course, Please Tell One Of The Instructors When You Arrive For The Course. The Instructor Will Work To Accommodate Your Needs Within The Stated Course Completion Requirements.
  • You Will Receive Your Card Upon Completion Of The Class.