Luckisha Williams Townsend – An Inspiring Story


Luckisha Williams Townsend – An Inspiring Story

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Luckisha Williams Townsend has received Best of Columbus Award for First Aid and CPR instructor for medical and dental assisting schools, consistently for past three years. Luckisha as a full time business, teaches people to save their lives and other as well. But the path that brought her here wasn’t simple, though it might appear from outside.

She was born in Welch, West Virginia and is the youngest among six siblings. She got her first job in 1986 at a dental office. Dr. Lewis, who was working there as a dentist, recognized her true potential and helped her go to college after she graduated in 1987. After completing her college she came down to Columbus, Ohio and lived with her friend and started working at a dental center in North Carolina. She lost her job and was jobless for about eight months before she joined Ohio State University College of Dentistry, where she worked for close to two years. After which she got married.

She got actively involved in prayer activities and started Employees for Christ (EFC) which was driven with the basic idea to pray for students before their board exams. EFCs started to pray for other children as well and extended it to Bible study.

In 2000, a notification was released by the United States Occupational safety and Health Administration, stating that all employees who had the contacts with patients should be certified in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). She immediately realized her calling and knew it was her chance to become an instructor. Life suddenly seem to got busy for her as she had to teach when she had classes at work and on the other side had to take classes for dental students as they were getting closer to graduation. Around this time her sister gifted her first manikins that she started to use for training the life saving techniques.

As this was happening, she took up studies for 2 years to become an ordained minister in 2002. She was told to get aligned with another faculty, if she would be teaching outside the college. After a long search, she found Grant Life Link that allowed her to teach for herself with the condition that she will have to get the manikins that they used. It was a lot expensive one. She made up her mind to use her credit card to purchase them. By the time her credit card bill came, she already had the money to pay it off. It was a good sign that she was heading in the right direction. According to her, “teaching people how to save lives is one of the most rewarding things you can do.”

In the year 2004, she officially started her business called – Your Knowledge. She decided to take her business online, but she couldn’t actually do what she wanted to do with CPR. Though things were changing, internet was still fairly new. So she started selling candles on line to have another stream of income. The next five years taught her that the only thing to keep the business moving was CPR classes. So she closed down the candle website. The next few days went searching and researching for online avenues where she could have her calendar to post her schedule for people to see. Around the same time American Heart Association created a page for instructors to post their schedules as well. Now the people had two chances to find her business.

Three years have passed since then. Luckisha has been receiving Best of Columbus Award for First Aid and CPR instructor for medical and dental assisting schools. Last year in 2014 her business ‘Increase Your Knowledge’ completed 10 years in business.

She is now exploring ways to expand her business and see how things shape up. She advices anyone looking to start their business “It’s better to regret something you did, than regret about something you haven’t done.”



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