If anyone around you had a sudden cardiac arrest, are you sure you would be able to help? Do you complete knowledge about CPR?

About 92 percent of the people who become victims of cardiac arrest die before even reaching the hospital. So, it is obvious that if more people knew CPR many lives could be saved. According to researches, CPR can double the chances of survival. Today, most Americans don’t know how to perform CPR or they don’t know which course to fits their situation.


In this video, Increase Your Knowledge shows the importance of CPR. American Heart Association provides the best course to fit your course need. This knowledgeable video teaches us about the Heartsaver course and how you can take all 3 age groups at one time or just take what you need. If you just need adult CPR you can just take adult CPR. If you just need Child and/or infant you can just do that as well. I always recommend doing them all because you will always encounter all age groups in your walk of life.

This video will also helps you to increase your knowledge about this course and if it is right for you and your workplace.
Remember that if you are taking this course for work the best first step is to ask if the Heartsaver CPR AED course is the course they require.

You see there are two levels of CPR courses, Heartsaver CPR AED course and BLS health care provider course. To learn about the Healthcare Provider course look at the blog that is dedicate to that course.

To give you an brief ideal of what jobs require this course watch the video and it will give you a list of job titles.
Again the best way to determine if this course is right for you is to ask your employer. I hope that this article and video has been helpful. If you want to know when this course is held, click on this link to see the times and dates. Remember to open up the day to see if you have selected the right course. Then you can go to contact us to then sign up for this course. If you want to comment please do below.

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