Get Ready! 2015 Guidelines are coming. American Heart Association has announced that new guidelines are coming starting January/February 2016.

What this means:

If you have already renewed your First Aid or CPR card beginning this year, you will not have to update earlier or take an add on class. If you have renewed your card consistently every year this procedure isn’t any thing new to you. American Heart Association every 5 years updates their guidelines. Sometimes nothing changes and then other time they do.

What this means for those who will be renew during this time:
Because you may be affected during this time, that’s why I wanted to let you know that it time again and will keep you informed of what the changes are if any. When American Heart as made changes to the guidelines in the past, they have always done what they call a (roll-out). This is where they give the training center the material to incorporate into the courses until the materials are produced that will be used as the regular course materials.

For you, the course structure won’t change everything will look the same except your instructor may have some extra material to add along with the course.

Remember, if you can to one of my BLS Healthcare Provider course you got the CAB guideline sheet so keep it handy. Knowing what to do in an emergency is very important.

First 4 steps in an emergency:

  • Make sure the seen is safe: Remember you don’t want become a victim too. So make sure there is nothing hazardous that could prevent you from helping the compressionsvictim.

  • Check for response and breathing: This is a 2 step process. First you want to tap or shake them to see if you can physically get them to respond to you, if they don’t then you want to scan or glance at their chest to see you notice normal breathing patterns. Remember gasping is not normal breathing.

  • Call for help: Now that you know that they are not responding and not breathing on their own, you want to get the EMT to come so you call 911 or if someone is there with you, that even better have them do so you can get to the next step.

  • Push hard and fast: You want to space your hands in the center of the chest ( which is also the lower half of the breastbone) and push hard and fast at a rate 100 compression a minute. If you have a barrier to use, give 2 breathes after every set of 30 compression.

Remember! When you learn, someone else lives. Sign up for your next CPR class today.



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