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temp-post-imageOnline course are all over the internet. There are courses that when you are done you get the whole course. You don’t have to have the skill session. Once you do whatever they required, you can either print it or they will mail you your card.

The all in one course are one stop shop. You spend a couple hours on the computer and you get what you pay for. A cheap way to get your CPR certification.

Part One CPR Online!

There are some that like American Heart Association who has an online part 1. This means that after you look at the video, which is about 2 hours video and is the same video that is shown in class. Then, you take a test that you have to successfully complete with no less than 84% passing.

You print out a certificate to take to a skills instructor to do 2 part which in the skills portion to get your certification card. Most the people then expect to do this in just 15 min. or they can just show up and half do the skill session and you are supposed to hand them a CPR card because they passed the online Part One portion.

3 reasons I don’t recommend the all online courses

1. Most companies are not excepting them they all online courses.

Being an instructor for 19 years I have had many
They usually want a more recognized organization student come to my company because they paid for the online course and when they took it to their job or school they said we need you to do a in class course, like American Heart Association or Red Cross.

2. You don’t get any hands-on instruction.

How can you feel confident that if you are in an emergency situation where you would have to perform compression (push on someone chest) if someone, that you could actual do it affectively, and consistently if you never practice on a manikin?
Which gives you the closest simulation to a real person to see how hard you have to physical push down to actually pump someone’s heart. Plus have your hands in the right place. (lower half of the breastbone)

3. Performing in an Emergency

Most important reason, would you really have the confidence to preform CPR on someone after taking an on line class? Would you with confidence with no hesitation

3 Reasons I don’t like the Part One CPR online portions

1. The part one is great concept but what is missing is, participates still have to find where to go to get the skills portion done.

This is another fee that has to be paid for that portion as well.

2. For the healthcare Provider course which is the professional rescuer course. Anyone can do the part one online, even if they have never had a CPR class before.

3. It’s not affiliated with a training site for the 2nd and 3rd portion of the class.

The online courses are suppose to save the student time and money on CPR courses. But they end up spending more because, either the company doesn’t except it since it was done online, or after they have done Part One they still have to do part 2 and 3 off line which will cost them more money that they didn’t expect that would have to pay and more time.

So instead of just 2 hours like you get at Increase Your Knowledge any you have done are 3 part and now done, you have probably ended up spend 4 hours or more which that is defeating the purpose of doing it online. I understand that these days people want to say money as well as time.

Our CPR classes are just 2 hours long and small class in a comfortable setting. For something as important as this, I think that you should consider that learning CPR isn’t just continuing education to use for your licensing certification or just because your job’s requires it.

CPR is a lifesaving skill that increases a person’s chance of survival. You can be that lifeline for someone that you love.

Remember, emergency occur at home with love ones more than with strangers. So do something that can give someone you love a better chance of survival.

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